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A Brighter Future for our Youth

Early in the month of December, Wind partnered with Future Youth Records and Sexually Exploited Children and Teens (SECT) to create an opportunity for 12 girls to write two original songs and record them in a professional studio here in Sacramento.

The goal of the project was to bring together a group of girls who had never met each other and didn’t necessarily have any prior musical experience and to create original music that focused on promoting the idea of Women’s Empowerment. The girls had so many stories to share and right away they connected on a deeper level. Each of the girls was pulling for each other. They had shouldered the responsibility of creating music that would empower young women and to change the harmful stereotypes of women that are too often portrayed in music.

After 4 days they had completed the impossible task of writing and recording two amazing, original songs. Each song will now be sent off to be mastered and have additional tracks added to the final mix. The final songs will be available in early 2017.

Below is a brief video of the experience.

Credit goes to Future Youth Records for filming and editing.

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