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Host a Fundraiser

Host your own fundraising event toolkit

Throw your own fundraising event or make us your charitable partner for an existing event!

Community fundraisers boost the public’s awareness of Wind Youth Services and our diverse programs, promote community involvement and raise essential funds for our programs. You can help us raise money that will assist Wind in continuing to facilitate.

Every little bit helps and we appreciate your efforts to help us raise money for our programs.

In keeping with fundraising standards, no more than 20% of gross revenue from the event may be spent on event expenses. At least 80% of gross revenue must go to Wind Youth Services, and all material publicizing the event should state that Wind will receive the net proceeds collected for this event.

What does Wind Youth Services provide for a fundraiser?

We help you promote

We promote your fundraiser to our database of more than xx supporters via our e-newsletters and social media.

We help you send emails

We provide e-mail messages that you may send to your mailing list encouraging their participation or you provide your contacts and we will e-mail them on your behalf.

We reimburse expenses

We know events aren’t always free. We know you may have rental, food or other costs. We offer to reimburse documented/substantiated costs you incur, up to 20% of the proceeds donated through your event page or checks mailed to Wind.. Should you forego the reimbursement, we will use that money toward Wind services, and provide you with a donation letter for tax purposes.

We provide swag and signage

We provide Wind-branded swag for your participants on request. We provide a Wind-branded banner for your facility. We can also provide fundraising incentives for participants who reach donation levels.

We provide a web presence

We will build and host on WindYouthServices.org an event and fundraising page for your fundraiser. You promote the web page to generate fundraising support. We will also send you a banner, swag, and other items to generate enthusiasm for your fundraiser. You should include #WindYouth Services in your social media tags.

Our Facebook page is www.facebook.com/windyouth/

Our Twitter handle is @SacWindYouth

Our Instagram handle is @WindYouthServices

Donations/Tax Receipt Guidelines

Tax receipts are available to people at your event who make a personal donation to Wind. The donation must be made directly to Wind Youth Services.
We require the following information to properly process a tax receipt:

  • Donor’s name
  • Donor’s full mailing address
  • Donor’s telephone number and/or e-mail address
  • Amount of donation and payment type

Wind Youth Services can provide you with a generic template form for this purpose. Tax receipts cannot be processed by Wind until the event organizer sends the funds to our office. Processing tax receipts takes approximately two (2) weeks after the donation has been received at the Wind office.

If you are interested in hosting an event to benefit Wind Youth Services, please fill out the form below and return it to us. Thank you!