It’s the Little Things…

Kimmy was 5 years old when she and her five sisters were taken from their abusive mother. Then at 16, her grandmother who had taken her in, passed away, leaving Kimmy nowhere to go. Years of intermittent homelessness has taken its toll on her. She has been beaten and raped, used methamphetamines, and spent time in jail.

In 2016, she came to Wind Youth Services. It has been a long road to stability for Kimmy. She has worked diligently with her case manager to stay clean and sober. She just interviewed for a job and received a Performance Partnership Pilots (P3) voucher for her own apartment.

Her dynamic personality made her the perfect choice for a modeling gig at Goodwill’s Sip, Style and Shop event on April 28.  “I love to try on clothes and just have fun with them,” says Kimmy. “Everyone was so nice and it made me feel good to have someone style just me!”

Kimmy was styled by several of the stylists and was beyond thrilled when Goodwill let her keep all the outfits! “I couldn’t believe it, I was wondering what I was going to wear on my job interview, and they said I could have the outfits. Then I had to choose what to wear for the first time!”


Kimmy is always anxious to help and loves to show her gratitude for all that our donors and staff at Wind do. On Big Day of Giving, Kimmy filmed a social media clip for Wind’s Facebook page, which definitely helped us raise nearly $22,000!

Stories like Kimmy’s are not unusual to hear. Many of the youth we see have experienced not just one, but multiple traumas. Your continued support on Big Day of Giving and throughout the year, allows Wind to give more youth, like Kimmy, the resources to become self-sufficient.

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