Permanent Supportive Housing Program Successes

It’s been almost a year since our permanent supportive housing program opened and we have seen many successes!

Our case manager has shared smiles, laughs with all the young people as they headed out to meet goals on their case plans.  Finding employment, enrolling in school, getting connected to health care, and assisting youth in securing and maintaining benefits are just a few examples of completed goals that positively affected the youths’ moods and overall situations, keeping them housed and safely inside.  The purpose of supportive housing is that clients feel supported and we definitely can share that are clients are happier and healthier with the support they get from the Wind case manager.

In August alone, three youth enrolled in GED programs and are working diligently to complete their degree. All of these youth have experienced a lot of struggle in their life, so this milestone is a true achievement. They are fighting addiction, CPS involvement, and years of trauma from living on the streets.

Because Wind’s program is built on the model of harm reduction and unconditional love, we help youth reach their goals by allowing them to focus on their accomplishments rather than the stigma associated with their addiction or trauma. 

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We are the only unabashedly pro-youth agency in Sacramento that is striving to affect change daily within our agency and our community. Wind is the only service provider in Sacramento County focusing solely on runaway, homeless and street youth, and transition-age youth.

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Wind Youth Services provides supportive services and opportunities to youth experiencing homelessness as they pursue self-determined lives of stability and independence.

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