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Progress Being Made

While staying at the Transitional Housing Program(THP), Willie Parker, a 23-year-old homeless single father has made incredible progress on achieving sustainability. Since entering the THP, he has obtained his high school diploma, driver’s license and recently joined the Construction Labor Union.

His Case Manager at Wind, in conjunction with support from the Sacramento Regional Conservation Corps (SRCC), has been able to help him achieve his goals; and while his journey is far from over, the progress he’s made has set him on the path to success. 

We love to hear about and share these success stories of our clients that your support makes possible! Become a believer. Join us in supporting Willie and other youth (ages 12-24) now by clicking here.



  1. Kesha Shepherd says:

    I have a son in Sacramento that I am concerned about. I live Oklahoma I sent him there to live with his father and now he is floating everywhere. I have no money to send for he has three other brothers and sisters that I’m caring for. His name is Isaiah the number I have for him is 9165413533. I am praying you can help him please.

    • Karen McClaflin says:

      Hi Kesha,

      We do not call people unsolicited, but if you would like to call us, you may: (916) 504-3313, or you may pass our number along to your son to contact us regarding services. Thank you!

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