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Wind Summer Soiree – July 27

We all have a cause about which we are passionate; one that is truly near and dear to our hearts.

Wind Youth Services is an unabashedly pro-youth agency in the Sacramento County that continues to grow with new developments as we position ourselves as innovators within the homeless services community. As a nonprofit dedicated to providing programs that offer tools and resources to help teens develop vital skills to break the cycle of homelessness, we are a group of passionate advocates for the young people with whom we work and depend on the generous donations of our community to continue to make changing strides.

This year, Wind will be moving into a new Youth Center at 815 S Street in Midtown, Sacramento, so we are hosting the Soiree onsite at the new location so everyone can get a sneak peek.  It should be a fabulous evening featuring delicious food along with local wines, beers and artisan spirits.

We invite you to join us for our annual Summer Soiree on Friday, July 27, 2018 from 6:00pm – 10:00pm as we raise funds to provide services for Sacramento’s youth experiencing homelessness. The Summer Soiree is currently the single largest, annual fundraising effort that Wind undertakes. Last year, we hosted 250 guests, and we plan to do the same this year as we feature Sacramento’s diverse cuisine, local wines, beers and artisanal spirits to benefit our growing youth population.

Thank you to our sponsors for allowing us to present this event! Click here for photos of last year’s fun!

Year-End Giving Season

As the colors of fall brighten the cloudy skies, our days become shorter and our nights become colder, we settle in to enjoy cozy evenings with family and friends. Conversations of holiday plans fill the air. However, for many young people in our community the blustery season brings cold lonely nights with no thought of family, only the thought of “where will I sleep?”

Among your outings around town, you may have noticed a young person huddled up against a building, no hat or raincoat, just a ratty old blanket wrapped around his shoulders. You may have wondered, “Where are his parents? Why isn’t he in school?”

The cold, wet young man is Alex. He never knew his dad. His mom died when he was 16.  Alex aged out of foster care when he was 21. He is now 22 years old and homeless.  As the day draws to an end, he carries his backpack and blanket hoping to find a safe place to sleep. During the day, he comes to Wind’s drop-in center. Alex calls it his “day home.”

The needs are great and never-ending. Will you consider the youth Wind serves this holiday season?

Think of Alex, and many youth like him, without a family, without a place to call home. Your support can give Alex a warm, safe, consistent place to sleep each night. Your gift can help Wind provide more than a “day home” to Alex.

For many of our youth, like Alex, Wind is their first chance at a better life, a life of stability and independence.

You may donate online at www.windyouth.org/donate.

Thank you for all you have done to support Wind Youth Services. Your donation changes lives.

In the spirit of the holidays,

Suzi Dotson, Executive Director

P.S.  Remember, just $100 provides a youth one night of shelter and case management – can you provide one night for teens like Alex?