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Dear Wind Supporter,

“I was probably 8 or 9 years old when I first remember hearing the angry voices of my parents; and the violence. It wasn’t unusual, I got used to it after a while and eventually my Dad left.  My Mom introduced my brother and me to needles when we were in junior high and we started using drugs and as a result became homeless,” says Jacob.

When you arrive in a city you figure out where you can stay, and we heard about the Wind Center before we came to Sacramento. So as soon as we got off the bus here, we went to Wind. It was the first time we felt safe at a homeless center. And honestly, Wind saved our lives,” says Daniel.“We have traveled around California, staying at different homeless shelters. I have fallen asleep to people crying, yelling and fighting,” says Jacob.

Wind operates the only resource-intensive center dedicated to homeless young people. With nearly 1,000 youth visiting monthly, and at least 15% unduplicated, Wind provides a structured, age-appropriate, environment away from the dangers of the street.  For these adolescents, the daily schedule of the Center is their only exposure to a “normal” life.

Afraid and “hyper-vigilant,” the darkness of night is anything but restful to a homeless teenager. Here at the Center, young people are provided access to a “respite room” where they can sleep under the watchful eye of counselors. Teens are also provided a locker to secure their limited belongings, access to a kitchen, computer, shower and laundry facilities.

Once at the Center, counselors and staff members focus on the specific needs of each young person by assessing their health concerns, reviewing safe housing options, exploring education and job opportunities and ensuring they receive timely crisis management counseling.

The Wind Center is at the heart of what we do, and is the first contact with most of our youth. Can you help us continue to provide a safe place for Sacramento’s homeless youth? Your donation will provide more resources as the youth pursue self-determined lives of stability and independence; but more importantly a safe place of acceptance and love.

With gratitude,

Suzi Dotson, Executive Director

P.S. Daniel and Jacob’s story of violence and drugs is not unusual. Can you consider a donation to help youth like Daniel and Jacob realize their potential as healthy, successful, young adults?

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We are the only unabashedly pro-youth agency in Sacramento that is striving to affect change daily within our agency and our community. Wind is the only service provider in Sacramento County focusing solely on runaway, homeless and street youth, and transition-age youth.

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Wind Youth Services provides supportive services and opportunities to youth experiencing homelessness as they pursue self-determined lives of stability and independence.

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