“You just gotta get over the hump.” Anthony’s story

Dear Friend of Wind Youth Services,

“You just gotta get over the hump.” Like Anthony, you have said those very words, or ones very similar, when facing a tough situation. Perhaps though, not a situation like Anthony’s.

As a child, Anthony’s Mom was homeless, his Dad was in prison. At seven years old, he was living at a children’s receiving home, and at 13 years old his Aunt and Uncle adopted him. Unfortunately, he was adopted into a home where he was regularly hit with a stick, suffering physical and mental abuse daily. At 18, he was kicked out and didn’t know what to do. “I didn’t know how to do anything, I was never taught how to drive, I didn’t have identification, I couldn’t get a job. I couch surfed, I slept in parks and under overpasses.”

Thankfully, while at the park, Anthony learned about Wind Youth Services. “Wind brought me a different perspective on life. I realized I could get over the hump.” Anthony came to the Wind Youth Center and began his journey. Wind’s shelter and housing programs provided the safety and security Anthony needed to begin his path to self-sufficiency.  He worked to obtain identification, a driver’s license, a job at Apple and his own apartment.

“It is really up to you. My job now is to help others.”

You can help youth like Anthony “get over the hump”.
Your support will allow Wind Youth Services to provide more than shelter.                                                                               

So far in 2018, your generosity has allowed Wind to serve over 2,400 youth.
Your help has enabled Wind Youth Services to assist more than 200 youth with
obtaining employment. You have continued to help make so many good things
happen at Wind Youth Services-from meals to showers to beds. Thank you.

Sadly, the numbers continue to grow. For many youth, like Anthony,
Wind is their chance at a better life, full of stability and independence.
Will you consider the youth Wind serves this holiday season?

Thank you for all you have done to support Wind Youth Services. Your donation changes lives.

In the spirit of the holidays,

Robynne Rose-Haymer
Executive Director


P.S. Just $100 provides a youth one night of shelter and case management – can you provide one night for teens like Anthony?

You may donate online at www.windyouth.org/donate.





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